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Bulbs (Phillips, Energy Savers, 11 Watts, 8 Watts, 100 Watts, 40 Watts, 60 Watts, 14 Watts, 75 Watts) both pin & Screw. DC bulbs i.e. Direct Current 5& 2 Watts,  Wires A-1.5mm2 Single cables in red, black, green & yellow. 4.0mm 2 all colors 6.00 mm2 all colors 10.00mm2 all colors 16.00mm2 all colors B-Twine with earth 1.57 1e single cable and all sizes. Flat Iron cable 2.5-16mm2 1.0 mm 3 core 1.5 flexible 3 core MK Box SWITCHES My-lite 3 gang one way Top plug Sockets Junction Box (JB) Air Conditioners 9000 BTU Split Wall Type, 12000 BTU Split Wall Type, 24000 BTU Split Wall Type In Chingo, LG, Sumsung.. MULT PLUGS Disco lights Insulating tape Soldering wire in big & small size Lamp holders i.e. ceiling pin, straight pin, angle UK Pin, Pendant screw, Pendant pin. Inverters Stabilizers Hot plates Tower clips Batteries Main switch 4 ways Cookers control unit Adaptable box Cable tie A.C Bracket Capacitors A.C Motor Fritter Driers Gas Compressors Solar Panels Screw drivers Contractors Solar Controllers DP Switches Breakers Conduit pipes Copper pipes Distributor boxes